THe buddy’s story

It was the 1930s and Six Mile and Conant was like any street corner in Detroit… people walking to the market, neighbors helping neighbors, and friends meeting at the local gathering spot now known as Buddy’s. Buddy’s existed as a “blind pig,” skirting the State and Federal laws that governed the on-site sale and usage of alcohol. Booze was available there. The owner at the time was August “Gus” Guerra.

In 1944, Gus turned the blind pig into a legitimate tavern, but with World War II still raging, business was suffering. In 1946, Sicilian style pizza was added to the menu. Soon the neighbors and out-of-towners were becoming hooked on Buddy’s unique recipe. The legend of The Original Detroit Style Pizza was born. In 1953, two Jimmys, Bonacorse and Valenti, purchased Buddy’s and its celebrated pizza recipe. Then, sixteen years later, The Jacobs Family visited Buddy’s, fell in love with it and, in 1970, bought it.

Today, more than 70 years later, Buddy continues to serve The Original Detroit Style Pizza and our celebrated Antipasto salad. Over time we have added a variety of items to our menu including gluten-free pizza, multi-grain crust, pastas, burgers, sandwiches and more - each prepared just as they would have been in 1946 — with the freshest ingredients and an acute attention to detail.

Buddy’s continues to thrive and grow with the help of an incredible team. One of the secrets to Buddy's success has always been our dedicated, hardworking staff. Many of whom started off at Buddy's original location now take pride in keeping Buddy's traditions alive at our many locations. Year after year, Buddy’s is honored to be named the number one Detroit Style Pizza. The enthusiasm and following that Buddy’s generates today is just as exciting and rewarding as it was over 70 years ago.

Buddy’s is forever grateful to all of its fans.